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About ReThinkPink

The automotive collision repair industry is in need of hard working, highly skilled technicians to meet the demands of ever-advancing automotive technology. Typically these types of jobs have suffered from stereo-typing that allows many to view these careers as ‘male-only’ opportunities. Three-C Body Shop has recognized that many of the skills required to be an effective technician in this field (attention to detail, creativity, ingenuity, curiosity, and strong work ethic) come naturally to females. That’s why they have designed a program specifically to attract young females to this highly rewarding, high-demand field. In many cases, qualified technicians in the automotive collision repair industry have the earning power equivalent to peers with a four-year college degree! The program is called “ReThinkPink – Three-C Body Shop’s Creative Career Certification” program for females. It is offered to females of any age, but specifically targeted to females between 17-19 years of age with strong creative, artistic, and technology interests. This program includes:

  • Paid apprenticeship for female applicants between the ages of 17-19.
  • Hands-on experience as each apprentice ‘shadows’ a qualified technician as part of their job.
  • Discovery of how their creative, technology, and artistic talents can be applied in unconventional ways.
  • Advancement. Quality apprentices will be given an opportunity for advanced certification on two different levels which will be paid for by Three-C’s ReThinkPink program.
  • Advanced certification is in high-demand within the entire automotive collision repair industry.

We invite you to share details of this program with young females that you feel might excel in exploring this option for a career path. More information regarding this program can obtained by calling Three-C Body Shop directly at (614) 274-8245 or filling out the apprenticeship form or the school form.

Here is a link to our Press Release about this program.