Three-C Body Shop 2015 Guarantee

Three-C Body Shops has been committed to providing our customers with “The Finest In Collision Repair” since 1956.

Our relationship has always been strong with our customer, the vehicle owner. It has not always been good with insurance companies, primarily the insurers that do not want to pay for high quality repairs. Three C has always refused to become part of a “preferred repair shop” program orchestrated by an insurer. These programs are just smoke and mirrors for getting your vehicle repaired as cheaply as possible by the insurer.

For this reason insurers will make the false claim “if you choose Three-C for your repair, you will have to pay more to get your car repaired, and you will have to pay it out of your own pocket”.

This is not true. It is only an effort by the insurer to get you to use their “preferred shop”.

Since we are committed to ensuring that you do not incur any additional expense for your repairs, we provide our customers with a “NO OUT OF POCKET MONEY GUARANTEE.

The No Out-of-Pocket Guarantee does not apply to:

  • • Betterments
  • • Deductibles
  • • If you do not have auto insurance coverage
  • • If State Farm, Allstate or American Family is the insurance company handling the claim on your vehicle or your vehicle is deemed a total loss



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* May require an “Assignment of Rights” and/or a “Power of Attorney” to be signed by you, so that Three-C can collect from the insurer.