Annual Celebrations in Columbus, Ohio

Annual Celebrations in Columbus, Ohio


Annual celebrations are always fun to attend when you’re passing through town, and whether you’re sticking around for a while or just passing through for the festivals themselves, there are some excellent annual festivals and celebrations that you can attend in Columbus, Ohio.

Here are some of the best festivals that you can attend in Columbus and the essential information about why you’d want to be there.

The Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest

The Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest is hosted in Columbus every year, and it brings together two great things – jazz and food. One of the best things about this event is their packed program filled with some of the best in jazz and blues music, and you’ll get to experience
some unique ribs like they can only do right here.

Admission to this event is free, and it spans over an entire weekend – usually, this event happens in the summmertime, and it’s best to download the events schedule ahead of time.

The Healthy Bites Festival

The Healthy Bites Festival is hosted in Columbus, and it’s now a regular event that focuses on healthy eating – and it takes you on a tour of some of the best tastes you’ll experience during your stay, with all of the food being responsibly sourced from the best
local and natural sources.

If you’re planning to move to town, it’s also a great place to build some local connections – and by the end of the festival, you’ll know exactly where to source the best food around.

The Columbus Food Truck Festival

The Columbus Food Truck Festival is hosted in August every year, and it happens at the Bicentennial Park over two days. It’s the perfect festival if you’re looking for another one of the unique food experiences that you can only find in one place – and if you’re a local or
want to be one soon, you can experience the best of the best right there.

It gives you the best of the food and beverage market right in one place – and if you really love food, you’ll love this.
It’s the absolute must-attend festival for food-lovers.

The Columbus International Festival

Columbus is one of the most culturally rich towns in the US, and the Columbus International Festival is hosted at the Franklin Park Adventure Building every year – and it’s been held for more than 60 years to date!

The festival is there to celebrate diversity, and you get to experience the music and culture of several cultures at once – and the festival has many stalls that feature everything from crafts to incredible food.

It’s also a great opportunity to connect with other people, and it’s a great opportunity to network with businesses and new friends right around town!

The Columbus Caribbean Festival

The Columbus Caribbean Festival is a pretty new festival and should only be in its third year in 2019 – and it’s the festival to be if you want to experience everything that’s cool about Caribbean culture, including music and food from the best of the best.

It’s a truly unique experience, and it’s usually hosted at the Scioto Mile Civic Center in Columbus.

Of course, the schedule changes every year and you should check ahead of time what’s on the program for this year before planning your stay.

The WinterFest

The WinterFest is a yearly festival hosted during winter at the Bicentennial Park in Scioto Mile. As part of the event, you’ll find a mixture of the best businesses in town coming together to provide great entertainment for the crowd. It also happens to be one of the newer festivals in town, but attendance is expected to be even more of a crowd next year – check the program to see which local musicians and restaurants from Columbus will be part of the festival you’re planning to go to.


So, what about summer? The Sommerfest is hosted every year at Germania in Columbus – and it’s one of the best festivals to attend if you’d like to experience some of the best in German-themed food and excellent beer.

It’s right in what’s called Columbia’s brewery district, and you’ll get to sample some of the truly best beers in town – and get to buy some to stock up your shelves at home.

You won’t want to leave empty-handed – and make sure you buy enough stock to last you until next year, or make sure you connect with the local companies and find out how you can order personally from them. Supporting local business matters!

The Annual Music on the Lawn

The Annual Music on the Lawn Festival happens every year at the Grandview Heights Public Library in Columbus, Ohio – and it’s a great festival to attend if you want to meet some of the best local bands.

It’s already been running fore more than 30 years, and you can even enjoy some food from the local food trucks while you’re at it.

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