Driver Safety Technology

Driver Safety Technology

driving car on highway, close up of hands on steering wheel

Technology is getting better by the day especially when it comes to driver safety. Each year, thousands of cars are released by their manufacturers with even more safety features than the previous year. With how much time our loved one spend in cars a year, it is crucial to continue to work to keep our vehicles as safe as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the latest in driver safety technology:


The increase in applications and GPS devices have greatly improved the way we get from place to place. GPS devices and applications take drivers on the fastest route to their destination, offer alternative routes and alert drivers about traffic conditions. Thanks to GPS, you do not see drivers trying to use maps while behind the wheel.

Back-Up Cameras

Back-up cameras have forever changed parallel parking and backing up, and it is safe to say, drivers might never turn back after having a backup camera. If you are backing up out of a parking spot in the parking lot at the grocery store and suddenly someone steps in front of the rear end of your car, thanks to back-up cameras you can see them enter the space behind your car and do what you need to to avoid causing a problem.


Unfortunately, cell phones have created major problems when it comes to distracted driving. In aiding in the fight against distracted driving, cell phone company and car manufacturers have created Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth always drivers to talk on the phones, hands free in order for them to stay better focused on the road.

Pre-Collision Systems

Cutting edge technology like pre-collision systems is an investment but a step forward when it comes to driver safety. Cars on the market now have alert systems, that tell drivers when they are veering left or right on the road, it will alert those when someone in front of them has come to an abrupt stop and will let drivers know if someone is in front of your car.

Three-C Body Shop has high hopes for the future and believe that driver safety is only going to continue to get better over the years!