Free insurance company roadside assistance programs – what’s the catch?

Free insurance company roadside assistance programs – what’s the catch?

Are you thinking about dropping your AAA membership and/or using your insurance company’s new, great-sounding free roadside assistance? You may be wondering what the catch is.

Many insurance companies are offering free roadside assistance so they can be in a position to send you a tow truck – a tow truck that will take your vehicle to a “preferred service provider.” These are arrangements through insurance company roadside assistance programs – arrangements that have lately drawn intense scrutiny in some states. Three-C Body Shop proudly remains an independent shop to serve its Central Ohio neighbors.

Still looking for the security of knowing you can call for a tow without searching for a phone number or worrying about the price? Just download our free Pink Button app. If you fill out your information in the app when you download it, next time you need help, you can just press the button and we will send someone to your GPS coordinates. Learn more here.

Repair shops that have “preferred” relationships with insurers can be pressured into toeing an insurance company’s line to keep costs down by executing repairs that aren’t fully comprehensive, and they may use after-market parts that are poor matches for a motorist’s vehicle.

Customers who choose Three-C Body Shop can be assured their vehicle’s repairs will be done properly, thoroughly, on time and with the parts made specifically for their vehicle. There’s no denying the truth of the old saw that “accidents happen,” and when they do, Three-C Body Shop will be there to get your vehicle back on the road – quickly, safely and using only replacement and repair parts that have been examined and cleared for use by your vehicle.

Since 1956, the Juniper family has made it its business to put back together the vehicles of its neighbors – and getting them safely back on the road. Gradual growth over the next five decades has culminated today in two locations in Columbus and two in Lancaster, each run by Bob Juniper.

While the expansion and changes were the happy byproduct of customer satisfaction, what won’t change no matter what passage of time is Three-C Body’s dedication to properly repairing your vehicle – not rushing it out the door to fulfill an insurance company’s agenda.

Three-C Body Shop’s owners and workers are devoted to providing the finest in collision repair services and to setting the standard for customer service in the industry.

As the proud alternative to the collision repair sleight-of-hand that’s produced by insurance company roadside assistance programs, Three-C Body Shop strives to provide quality collision repair. And while it may not be the cheapest, there are some things that don’t react very well to skimping. Three-C Body Shop realizes that collision repair is one – but it’s also one important function one that you, the motorist, will have total control over.