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Get Ready for Winter Driving

Get Ready for Winter Driving

People are excited when the winter comes: it’s the time to get in bed with a good book, or cuddle up and watch movies, but it’s also the time to take a lot more care on the road. Did you know that you are at more risk of being in an accident, especially collision-related accidents, when the winter time comes? This isn’t just related to driving on ice, but it can also be related to a range of other things commonly associated with being on the road in winter, including having your vision impaired on the road.

You should also keep the condition of your car in mind when it’s winter: It means that it’s time to send your car in for a regular service. There are a few things that you should have checked when winter comes around just to make sure your car keeps on working as it should through the season.

Here are a few more things that you should think of when it’s time to get ready for winter driving.

Air System

You should make sure that your car’s air conditioning, heating, and defrost settings are in good condition. This is generally one of the things that gets checked during a wintertime service, which is something that most good auto body repair shops should offer their clients. Find out from your insurance: they might even cover this yearly service as part of your overall car insurance and it might even bring down your premium to have the service done. Why? Because it brings down your risk.

Air systems do more than just help to bring down or raise up the temperature in your car; they’ll also help to clear off the fog collecting on the inside of your windows when you’re driving. This can easily impair your vision and if this happens during the winter, all you have to do is turn on your defroster.

Engine Cooling System

Your engine cooling system should also be checked out as part of your winter service when the time comes; this ensures that you don’t have to worry about your engine freezing up when you’re trying to start your car on the way to work or after it has been standing in the cold for a couple of hours. This can save you a lot of hours standing next to the side of the road in freezing temperatures and it can also prevent damage to your car.

Yes, it’s common for cars to “cool down” when winter comes, and this can be hard on the engine—especially with older models. This is just one reason why the winter service is extremely important.

Your Car’s Finish

You should make sure that your car gets kept clean just before wintertime comes. You don’t want to wash your car in freezing temperatures—this can wreak havoc on your car’s finish. It’s also a good idea to park your car indoors if you are able to, and if you’re not you should ensure that you at least have a proper cover thrown over your car. This can ensure that snow doesn’t end up on your finish.

You should also remember to shovel the snow off your car regularly. Just a few hours in heavy snow is enough to ensure that your car is completely covered, which can damage the paint.

Tire Treads

Did you know that it’s not always just the ice on the road that puts you at risk of slipping? You might also be at risk from your tires. If your tire treads are worn down, then it means that you will be considerably more prone to slipping on the road. Worn tires can end up fatal for you and your passengers, and can even puts other people on the road at potential risk.

Make sure that you have your tires replaced regularly, especially if your car has been standing in the same spot for a while, or if you spend a lot of time on the road driving at highway speeds or in harsh conditions like dirt roads or potholes.

Advanced Driving Needs

Are you comfortable driving around in winter, or do you feel the panic rising up in the pit of your stomach every time you see the snow behind the wheel of a car? Before winter is an excellent time to take an advanced driving course: It can teach you a few driving tips that could save your life in an emergency, and you’ll feel both more safe and more comfortable when driving. It might even bring down your insurance premium because they consider you a lower risk as a driver.