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Holiday Travel Safety Advice

Holiday Travel Safety Advice

For many people traveling during the holidays is inevitable. Before starting the journey, you’ll want to consider some advice to help make the trip easy!

Get all your basic maintenance done

AAA suggests that the week or so before should be when you check on all your basic car maintenance. Some things you should check: the tire pressure, tread depth, battery if you need to replace wiper blades, or fill the windshield washer reservoir. Also, if you have been putting off an oil change or brake check, get those done before leaving!

Make an emergency road kit

The essentials your emergency kit should include are: a first aid kit, jumper cables, an ice scraper, and a snow brush. It’s also a good idea to carry gloves, hats and blankets as well as flashlights with new batteries. It is always better to be prepared.

Map your route

Knowing how you plan to get to your destination and an alternate route, in case of emergency, could be lifesaving. The roads will be busy, check your phone map for traffic patterns. If possible, try to leave early in the morning or late at night when traffic is usually lighter.

Check the weather

It is important to know the weather you’re going to be driving through, not just the weather where you are or where you are going. Take a few minutes to check current weather conditions headed your way.

Secure your valuables

Unfortunately, the holidays are a peak time for theft and having a car full of items in plain sight will attract that theft. Don’t be a target. Keep your valuables and wrapped gifts in your trunk and covered so they can’t be seen.

The holidays are a time for fun and celebration. Take this advice and be smart in your travels this season. From everyone at Three-C Body Shops, have a safe holiday!