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Jade is the daughter of Bob and Mary Juniper. As of 2018, she is headed to college this fall and is 18 years old. She did her first radio commercial when she was two years old; her part was four words in that spot. Many times, Bob picks her up after school and they go together to voice and produce the radio commercials. Bob generally writes the radio spots and Jade frequently adds ideas or changes her parts to reflect her own way of thinking. She likes to carry on the Three-C message and has a couple of thoughts on insurance she would like to share:

Number One
Most people have little or no idea what their insurance policy really says. They think they have “full coverage” and “their insurance company will take care of everything”. They come to us to have their vehicle repaired and are shocked to find out they don’t have rental car coverage. Then, after checking further, they discover the policy gives their insurance company permission to use NON-FACTORY parts, unless there is a satisfaction issue. You’ll want to avoid this pitfall.

We encourage you to get that policy out and read it to fully understand your coverage. Call your agent and have him or her review it with you. Feel free to contact us with your questions. There’s a real good chance we’ve seen your insurance company in action. There are a few solid insurance companies and agents out there with excellent products. Make sure you really have the “full coverage” you think you have. We can recommend a good insurer to you. And chances are it will not be one of the big five insurance companies.

Number Two
You have just been involved in an accident. You have avoided the pitfall above. The next pitfall to avoid is thinking since the insurance company is “paying the bill” they should make the decisions. People forget it’s their money the insurance company is using to pay for the repairs. They faithfully make their premium payments counting on the insurance company to be there for them. And then, they want to tell you how to spend it. It’s your money. It’s your car. You make the decisions. Insurers are highly skilled in limiting the money they pay out in claim costs. This can affect you if you follow the program they attempt to push you into.

Again, know what your policy really says. Make sure you haven’t signed anything that limits the decisions you need to make in order to protect the investment you’ve made in your vehicle. Contact us if you would like to know which Insurance companies let you make decisions and which ones think they should decide for you.


“To improve all aspects of collision repair including quality, production efficiency, safety, and communication. In addition to this, we promise to go above and beyond the duties of a typical body shop to educate and protect our customers against insurance company’s systems of cost control out-of-control, which often lead to poor repairs and unsafe post-repair driving conditions. Remember, at Three-C we care about YOU and your car.”