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Nobody goes to greater lengths than Three-C to make an automobile accident less stressful.

Let us handle everything, from beginning to end.

Three-C Body Shop, Inc. is a family-owned auto body repair shop in Columbus, Ohio which has been in operation for over nearly 60 years. We believe that we have some of the most skilled craftsmen in our industry. We use the finest automotive parts and paints. We strive for the highest quality repair work.

To show our commitment to quality we offer a Limited Warranty against any defect
in materials or workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle. If any repair made by Three-C fails (barring misuse, accident, or subsequent repair by anyone other than Three-C Body Shop, Inc.) within the specified warranty period, Three-C Body Shop, Inc. will replace the defective materials or repair any defective workmanship at no charge upon presentation of a validated invoice by the customer.


“To improve all aspects of collision¬†repair including quality, production efficiency, safety, and communication. In addition to this, we promise to go above and beyond the duties of a typical body shop to educate and protect our customers against insurance company’s systems of cost control out-of-control, which often lead to poor repairs and unsafe post-repair driving conditions. Remember, at Three-C we care about YOU and your car.”