Pink Button App Goes National

Pink Button App Goes National

Post-Accident App Going Nationwide

Columbus, Ohio’s Bob Juniper is on a Mission to Protect Drivers

COLUMBUS, OH – Bob Juniper of Three-C Body Shop envisioned a mobile application drivers could use after experiencing a collision – just press a button and all the hassles of the accident are taken care of for you. That vision is now the Pink Button app. The Pink Button has been so popular with Three-C’s customers that the innovative Juniper has partnered with the Columbus, Ohio technology firm, Rampart to create Instant Crash Helpers and bring the app to body shops and drivers around the country.

Here’s how the app works. First, download it for free. After an accident, just open the app and it automatically sends your GPS coordinates to your body shop, alerting them that you’re in need of assistance. Rest easy – the app displays a map that shows the body shop’s tow truck approaching the location of the accident. Other automated features that make your experience easier include sending automated text messages to family members, contacting rental car companies if the body shop isn’t sending one from its own fleet, and beginning the repair process through your auto insurance company. Simply put, the app provides everything a driver could need after a non-injury accident.

Another aspect of the process that makes it ideal for drivers is the fact that it prevents the insurance company from imposing one of its “preferred shops” on a flustered driver who may not even be aware of his/her rights to choose the body shop he/she wants. The body shops that specialize in high quality repairs and have demonstrated a commitment to exceptional customer service are the ones that will be offering this app from Instant Crash Helpers to their customers. The insurance companies’ “preferred shops” are a part of Direct Repair Programs. It’s their priority to fix the car inexpensively rather than correctly. At body shops like Three-C, the customer and his/her car is the priority. That’s why the Pink Button was created – it’s all about the driver.

Three-C’s customers have been raving about the Pink Button since that app was launched. When Columbus driver, Lori was in an accident, she was glad to have the assistance of the Pink Button: “I was involved in an accident in the downtown area of Columbus on a Sunday evening. It was getting dark and everything was closed. I had no idea what I was going to do with my car. It was not even drivable and I didn’t know any towing companies or body shops. I mentioned Three-C Body Shop to the police officer who had come to do the accident report. He told me he had the Pink Button collision repair app on his phone. He allowed me to use the app and Three-C called in less that a minute. They sent a rental car out to me with the tow truck, and I was back on my way in less than an hour from the time the accident had occurred. I was extremely impressed at Three-C’s high level of service.”


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