Pink Button from Three-C Body Shop Takes Stress out of an Accident

Pink Button from Three-C Body Shop Takes Stress out of an Accident

Three-C Body Shop is unique in an industry of corner-cutting clones. As President, Bob Juniper puts it, “we just don’t believe that the cheapest job is necessarily the best job…our focus is on providing the finest in collision repair services, and on setting the standard for collision repair services in our industry.” So, true to the company’s character, Three-C created the free Pink Button App to make handling a car accident as easy as pushing a button. Now, the app has been improved for even more efficient, more effective customer service.

Let’s compare how a car accident might affect you with and without the Pink Button.

You’re driving down the road. Everything’s fine…until, “crash!” you’re in an accident. You think you’re OK, but there’s damage and debris. Not sure exactly what to do first, you make your way out of the car to the side of the road. You begin to piece together the next steps: you’ll need a tow truck for your damaged vehicle, a garage to take it to, a friend or relative to come pick you up. So you start searching on your Smartphone for reputable repair shops. You find a couple, but you read bad reviews. Of course, you want this process to be done as soon as possible, but you want your car fixed right; you want to be treated fairly. So you can’t pick just any place; you need to do your research, but you’re in no position to be doing all this on your phone just minutes after a frightening accident. Meanwhile, your friends are at work and can’t answer your call. As the stress builds, you decide to just call a repair shop. You wait for a while, not sure exactly when the tow truck will arrive. Ultimately, the customer service is awful, you wait at the garage for hours, and you’re left with doubt that your car was fixed right.

If you had Thee-C Body Shop’s Pink Button app on your phone, the process would’ve been different, simpler. “Crash!” you’re in an accident. You’re OK, so you don’t worry. You take out your phone and press the Pink Button. Because you entered your information when you downloaded the app, Three-C contacts you immediately to make sure you need help. You don’t even need to give them directions. Three-C uses GPS to find your location. The app constantly updates you on the progress of the situation. A car arrives to pick you up as a tow truck comes for your car. As you ride to the shop, you rest assured that your car will be fixed correctly because you know that while Three-C Body Shop isn’t the cheapest car repair shop out there, it only uses the finest parts and only employs experts with integrity to get your car back to normal. As you wait for your car to be repaired, the Pink Button app allows you to request an update at any time. No waiting and wondering what’s going on. Three-C notifies you almost immediately after your request for an update. You leave with complete confidence that your car got the best service you could find, and the whole process was stress-free.

Clearly, dealing with an accident to your vehicle goes much smoother when all you have to do is push a button. And remember, it’s free from Three-C to you. If you ever are in an accident, we hope you’ll give us the privilege of serving you. At Three-C Body Shop, we really do care about you and your car.