Prepare for a safe winter, avoid the need for collision repair

Prepare for a safe winter, avoid the need for collision repair

Being “the finest in collision repair” isn’t achieved by doing the bare minimum. Our goal is to do more than fix your car; our goal is to fix it right and ensure you experience the best customer service in the industry. At Three-C Body Shop, we believe in helping all drivers stay safe. If you are in an accident, we make the process as painless as possible through services like our Pink Button app, but we’ll do everything we can to help you avoid a wreck altogether because we care about you and your car.

So, to help keep you and your family safe on the road as another treacherous winter approaches, we’ve highlighted a few tips that will do just that.

Tips to avoid the need for collision repair this winter

The most important issue is making sure your vehicle is properly equipped any time you have to drive in wintery weather. When the temperature drops, the air in your tires shrinks. To maintain proper air pressure, you’ll likely need to have all your tires slightly inflated. Also, check your headlights and taillights. When driver visibility is impaired from snow flurries, seeing brake lights in front of you can be life saving. Often, lights will be the only things visible on your car. Not only do they need to work, but you must also check that they are clean enough to give off the appropriate amount of light. The final tip for preparing your vehicle is to have its battery checked. If your battery dies at the wrong moment, you could be stranded in a very dangerous situation.

Another point of emphasis during winter should be the supplies you take with you when you drive. Hats, gloves and blankets are all essential in case you are in a wreck or otherwise stranded. Even a simple first aid kit can prove invaluable if you or a passenger is injured in a crash. A snowstorm is just the worst time to be without any kind of medical attention. And don’t forget sunglasses; they’re not just for the summer. We all forget how bright the sun reflects off of white snow, but at times it can be blinding. If there is snow on the ground, better bring your shades. Most importantly, bring you cell phone.

And finally, adjust your driving habits. You’ll see signs warning that bridges freeze before the roads. Do not ignore this. There can be quite a difference in how slippery the road becomes as you cross a bridge. Use caution in general, even with all-wheel drive. Certain speeds are not safe during a snowstorm or when there is ice on the roads. Tires with extra tread or vehicles built for off-road terrain aren’t always enough in the winter. Exceeding the speed limit at all in the winter can be very dangerous. Keep in mind that if you do find yourself losing control of the vehicle on a slippery road, taking your foot off the accelerator but not braking can be the safest action to take.

For more winter safety advice, check out this article from the weather channel. Hopefully these tips will help you avoid an accident this winter, but if you are in need of collision repair, Three-C Body Shop is ready to help. Just push the Pink Button.