Road Trip Tips

Road Trip Tips

Photo of cute little family during their excursion with family car

Summer means vacation and long road trips with the family! During the long trip ahead, one of the last things you want to encounter is car trouble. One way to avoid car trouble to prepare before you leave. Here are a couple tips to be ready on the road.

Cellular Security: You always want to travel with a cell phone in case of an emergency. If you happen to break down in an area that you are not familiar with, you are going to need your cell phone there to contact help. Make sure the phone is charged and you have a source of power in the car. Before embarking on your trip, ask your service provider about roaming fees and coverage.

Overall Checkup: Whether you did it yourself or go to a garage, pre-trip auto maintenance is key to comfortable cruising. A few things to make sure to check out are all fluid levels (oil, water, wiper fluid, etc.), wiper blades, belt and hose connections, tire pressure, all lights on the car and the horn. If you are not feeling completely confident in your cars ability, make sure to see a professional before you hit the road.

What to bring: The extra room in your car might be tight because of all the suitcases but ensure you have enough room for necessary items. The following should always be in the car: a tire iron, a spare tire, bottled water, fire extinguisher, first-aid kit and flares. In case any problems occur.

Spare Tire: Even if the spare is in the car, does not mean it is ready to go on the trip. Give it a good look before hitting the road to ensure it is properly pumped and the treads are intact. Depending on the trip you are taking and how far you plan to travel, you might want to consider bringing an extra full size tire instead of a spare. That could save you a lot of headache during the trip.