Things to Do in Columbus, Ohio

Things to Do in Columbus, Ohio


Columbus, Ohio is one of the best places you can possibly visit all year round. You can also find plenty of other things to do in Columbus, Ohio including a visit to the Ohio Fire Museum, the COSI Museum or even the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

If you find yourself in Columbus, here are some of the best things you can do around town.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is home to some of the largest animal homing and rehabilitation projects in the entire United States – and if you pop in for a visit, you’ll get a chance to interact with many of these animals and learn more about their day-to-day.

If you’re in for a longer stay, check out their website for some more information about the programs and events they offer if you have some more time to schedule something ahead.

There are even programs aimed at students, families and kids.

COSI Museum

The Center of Science and Industry (COSI) Museum is a great place for a visit – especially if you like fascinating new happenings in science. There are plenty of events that you can attend, and you can even spend a night in the museum – and it’s something that both kids
and adults can enjoy.

It’s the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for an outing that’ll keep you busy the entire day – and you’ll always end up learning something new.

Columbus Museum of Art

The Columbus Museum of Art hosts a range of special events, talks and seminars around art. Among others, they’re home to some special collections that includes the Pizziut Collection and the Alice Schille Exhibition.

There’s many other collections and exhibitions hosted on a regular basis at the Columbus Museum of Art – and your best bet to find out what’s on is to take a look at their program for the week, sometimes it’s best to book ahead for some of their day-programs.

Central Ohio Fire Museum

The Central Ohio Fire Museum is located at 260 N 4 th Street in Columbus – and it’s a look back at a real 1908 fire station that now comes with regular demonstrations on the importance of fire safety and how to better fight fire if you should ever encounter it. It’s a fascinating place to visit, and it’s a historical bit of town that’s immortalized in history – and definitely worth a stop if you’d like to experience everything historical that Columbus has to offer.

Short North Arts District

If you’re a bit of a hippie or arts-freak, you’ll want to stop by the Short North Arts District – located in North High Street. Here, you’ll find everything that your mind could possibly want to absorb, from the best in craft beers to craft shops – and some of the most
incredible arts for sale that you’ll find anywhere.

It’s a must-stop for anyone who’d like to experience the best of food, music and art – with a beer or two on the way.

German Village

German Village is where you’ll find everything authentically Columbian and still culturally German – and it’s usually where all the locals go to find the best sausage and beer. It’s a great place to stroll through or stop by to experience the food, culture and art – and if you
stop by in summer, you can experience some great outdoor art and plays. Heck, if you stay for long enough, why not apply to act in a few while you’re at it?

North Market

The North Market is one of the must-stops if you’re stopping by.

The description for North Market says, “We are butchers, we are bakers and candy makers. We are fishmongers, greengrocers and restaurateurs.”

Here’s where you’ll find some of the freshest foods – and some of the best. It’s your perfect place to stop if you’re in town to eat and you want the best. If you want to know a secret, it’s also where the locals get their fruits and vegetables, and you can even spend
an entire day out sampling some of these.

If baked is your thing instead or if you prefer going for the carnivore’s menu, you’ll find that some of the best foods can also be tracked down in North Market.

Topiary Park

Topiary Park is a seven-acre large park located in Columbus, and this makes for the perfect place for a picnic or walk – for some, it even makes for the perfect setting for a photoshoot.

The park’s plants are stylized to resemble a famed painting by artist Georges Seurat – an impressionistic artist from France who has contributed a great deal to art as a whole.

It’s a truly impressive look at what Columbus has to offer – and we’d go as far as to say
you should mark this as an essential stop if you happen to be driving through.

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