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Body Shop Services in Chillicothe, Ohio

Most people find body shop services by entering “body shop” into their search engine and picking the best one that comes up, but that’s not all that you should consider when it’s time to take your car in for repairs. Whether you’ve just been in an accident or whether you just want to make sure that your car is in good condition for the changing of the seasons or a long trip ahead, you want to ensure that you have a trusted and knowledgeable team behind you to take over.

Here’s why you should come to us when you’re looking for reliable, trusted body shop services in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Dont Know? Well help!

The majority of people know their cars well enough to know when there’s something wrong with it; at the same time, the majority of people don’t know enough about the car to know just what’s wrong or how to fix it themselves—especially in the case of an accident.

That’s where we come in, and we’re happy to help you repair your car after an estimate and we’ll give you an estimate on just how much it might cost. Contact us today if you’d like to find out more!

Certified OEM Parts

We make sure that the parts we repair your car with are in good condition, and we promise to make sure that they’re always certified OEM parts.

This means that they’re original engine manufacturer parts, and it means that they’re guaranteed to be designed just for your car and approved by the manufacturer. This is important because it counts for the condition of your car, the price of your insurance premiums and the safety of the drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

We’ll even show you the certificates when you ask them because customers have the right to know!

Excellent Repairs

There are plenty of auto repair shops that promise great service but don’t deliver when you show up; we guarantee that we have experienced staff who will take the best possible car of your car while it’s with us—and our repairs are of excellent quality.

We do repairs properly, and at an affordable price because we know that a car is more than just a car, it’s a way to make memories and a means to get from one part of your life to the next. We love our cars just as much as you love yours, and you can trust it with us!

Our Services

You can get in touch with us if you have been in an accident and need repairs done to your own vehicle or if a third-party insurance company needs to see quotes for repairs after the accident. If you’re at the scene of the accident and need a tow, use our app and we’ll send someone to you. We even have rental cars on site so that you can stay on the go while we repair your car.

Knowledgeable Staff

Automobile repair shop - Chillicothe, OhioOur staff members know what they’re doing, and they’ve got the best interests of your car in mind; we can find any problems caused by accidents and give you an estimate based on just what needs to be done.

We’re also completely transparent about what we do, and we’re happy to answer any questions from our clients—in fact, we welcome questions from our clients because we believe that customers have the right to know when it comes to something as important as their car.

Repair Estimates

Get in touch with us if you need an estimate for any repairs or body work that you need done to your car. Our services are affordable and comprehensive, and we’ll always give you a thorough and clear breakdown of just what has been done to your car during repairs so that you know we’re on the same page.

We’re happy to answer any questions—get in touch with us today!


“To improve all aspects of collision repair including quality, production efficiency, safety, and communication. In addition to this, we promise to go above and beyond the duties of a typical body shop to educate and protect our customers against insurance company’s systems of cost control out-of-control, which often lead to poor repairs and unsafe post-repair driving conditions. Remember, at Three-C we care about YOU and your car.”